About MotoRacingCanada

MotorRacingCanada is a non-profit platform created with the purpose to provide as much information as possible to motorcyclists that want to join the world of Road Racing or just want to have as much fun as possible on a close circuit.

There is always a misconception that everything related to Motorcycle Racing have to be extremely expensive. By providing as much information as possible in one place we want to show you that your passion is a better fit and in certain conditions less expensive on a closed circuit than riding fast on the open road.

MRC will provide updated information, track layouts and configurations, track conditions for all the canadian circuits, as we have access at these info.
MRC wil try to index all the events all across Canada (track days, races, series, schools and parties) providing a complete calendar of events. Ideally, in the future, given the of our partners, we will be able to offer even the possibility of booking events directly from your "I, Racer!" account.
MRC will try to provide as much info about regulations, prices, discounts, rentals, security and safety of each event. We will also try to be an active partner for all the promoters and circuits to help them improve the safety and security on the track.
MRC will provide as much technical and tactical tips and tricks, corner by corner information, bike setups, tutorials, and somewhere in the future, even on-track assistance for all the riders that will require it.
For all this to happen will need all the help we can get. Soon the "I, Racer!" corner will be available and from there any rider can publish his own opinions, tutorials, tips and tricks, own videos, maps, setups.... and so on.
More details about "I. Racer!" features will be avaibale soon on the "I, Racer!" corner.
There is so much to say about what MRC is and mostly about it will be... Just stay tuned!

"See you at the start line, Racer!"

What is done so far...

  • 2023 Events Calendar 0%
  • Circuit details and layouts 100%
  • Promoters details 100%
  • Circuits / promters Calendars 100%

What is coming next...

  • "I, Racer!" personal space 70%
  • Corner by Corner" module 50%
  • API integration" for promoters and circuits 20%
  • Live Timing and Recording" module 20%

Langue / Language

Etre le pilote d'un projet international, la langue de base de MotoRacingCanada est l'anglais.
Notre équipe travaille à la version française du site et la structure française du site sera publié vers le milieu de 2017.
Autant que nous pouvons, nous allons essayer de fournir du contenu en français et en anglais, mais étant un contenu dynamique, nous ne pourrons pas traduire tout le contenu du site et nous nous excusons pour cela.

Being the pilot of an international project, the base language of MotoRacingCanada in English.
Our team works at the French version of the website and the French structure of the website will be released towards the middle of 2017.
As much as we can, we will try to provide content in both French and English, but being an dynamic content, we will not be able to translate all the content of the website and we apologise for this.